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In-House Lab Setup

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We are experts in PCR in-house lab setup and operation, using that expertise to provide
end-to-end implementation solutions for physician office labs and reference labs
nationwide. When you’re ready to bring PCR testing in house, we’ll support you through
every stage of the laboratory setup and certification processes.

Streamline Consulting Process

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We know you have questions—whether about lab space design, credentialing, regulatory requirements, etc. Our consultants can help to answer those questions while addressing your concerns in a way that best serves the specific needs of your organization.

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Financial Analysis

Our consultants will work alongside you to develop a personalized return on investment and reimbursement analysis. We take great satisfaction from helping to make in-house lab services a reality for physicians and researchers despite differences in practice size, scope, or specialty.

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Lab Start-Up and Credentialing

Our team of seasoned professionals can help you navigate complications and avoid unnecessary difficulties on the path to CLIA/COLA certification and accreditation.

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Lab Equipment overview

We can provide the high-quality equipment and consumables required to keep your PCR lab running smoothly and efficiently.

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Recruiting and onboarding

Let our experienced team of recruiters source and supply the reliable and knowledgeable professionals you need to staff your lab.

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Training staff

We specialize in educating and training your team to bring on a molecular testing platform. We provide both remote and on-site support and training.  

We’ve set up labs in 43 states.

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Empowering clinicians and researchers with the insights they need, nationwide.

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