Elevate Your Urgent Care with In-House PCR Testing


Streamline Scientific is a leader in supporting lab setup and optimizing in-house PCR testing labs for urgent care centers. Our team of specialists will guide you through every step of the process, from initial planning to go-live and beyond. With our proven implementation methodology and deep urgent care expertise, we'll help you harness the benefits of on-site PCR testing.

The Urgent Care Roadmap to PCR Testing Excellence

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Why Streamline Scientific?

  • 200+ Labs Launched
  • End-to-End Solution Experience
  • White Glove Onboarding Support
  • Needs Assessment
  • Solution Matching
  • Launch Roadmap
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Initial Consultation

Our team understands the unique needs of urgent care settings. We start by deeply diving into your specific patient volumes, common infectious disease cases, and existing testing processes.

Our tailored recommendation plan focuses on selecting the optimal lab setup for your budget and growth plans, ensuring the solution fits your urgent care perfectly.

  • ROI Projection
  • Revenue Forecasting
  • Budget Consulting
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Financial Analysis

In-house PCR testing can be a significant revenue driver for urgent cares. Our consultants will model out your specific ROI based on your anticipated testing volumes.

  • Certificate & licensure
  • Application support
  • Compliance experts
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CLIA/COLA Certification

Using PCR in your urgent care means you’ll also have to comply with regulatory processes - this can be daunting for those new to them. We’ll help you determine what certifications work best in your situation, prepare and submit applications, and help with CLIA enrollment.

  • Staff requirements
  • Hiring & credentials
  • Competency building
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Staffing and Training

PCR lab staffing looks different in urgent care compared to other settings. We'll help you determine optimal roles, recruiting plans, and onboarding checklists to build an urgent care lab dream team.

Let us train your staff on everything from sample collection to resulting, leveraging standardized best practices we've honed across hundreds of lab buildouts.

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Site Selection and Buildout

Adding a lab to an existing urgent care requires careful planning. We know what works for urgent care labs, from sample flow to space requirements. Our team will design an efficient floorplan tailored to your footprint, and can even manage the full lab buildout.

Replicating standardized layouts across your locations drives consistency and cost efficiency.

  • Workflow analysis
  • Vendor alignment
  • Volume capable
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Urgent cares need PCR equipment that can deliver rapid results. We can assist with finding the ideal options for urgent care labs, focusing on intuitive systems that produce accurate results fast.

Outfit multiple locations with the same validated equipment to lower costs and ensure testing consistency as you scale.

  • Assay verification
  • Process refinement
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Optimizing Panels and Validation

Test menu selection differs in urgent care labs, based on the unique demographics and needs. We'll guide you to the optimal mix of panels in an urgent care setting. Our streamlined validation process helps prepare your lab to start testing.

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LIS and Integration

A Lab Information System (LIS) is critical in managing patient data, test orders, and results. Through our extensive knowledge in setting up multiple LIS systems, we can assist your team with setup and optimization - recommending best practices and rules, to make operations easier.

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New Lab Onboarding

Consistency and quality are paramount as you launch your urgent care lab. We'll help you craft tailored SOPs and documentation unique to the urgent care setting, so your lab is set up for standardized success on day one. Our ongoing support ensures confidence in your lab's operations.

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Historical Data Analysis

What does success look like for an in-house urgent care lab? We'll provide benchmarks and KPIs based on our rich historical dataset.

Our consultants will dive deep on your lab's performance data, providing actionable insights to further optimize your operations and financials. Let data drive your lab's decisions.

We’ll analyze things like testing volume, the money you’re saving in send-out costs, and other related cost-savings against your initial investment.